BBC Gatekeepers Shill-Out on Alex Jones, In Efforts to Draw Attention Away From Bilderberg

Popular alternative media icon, Alex Jones, appeared on last Sunday's edition of the BBC television show Sunday's Politics hosted by Andrew Neil, to expose the Bilderberg Group on Television.


LONDON From the moment the cameras were rolling you could just tell that something was up, the BBC had no intention of informing the general public what is really going on around them, keeping the Bilderberg meeting a conspiracy theory by nature.

“Bilderberg is heavily involved in the EU plan”, Jones explained as Niel (the host) took nothing Jones said seriously, downplaying the seriousness of the Bilderberg meeting to the fluoride-head mainstream listeners. Jones continued to explain how the alternative media and thousands activists have now drawn the Bilderberg meeting out of the shadows and have thrust the issue into the mainline news. The criminal cabal will now find it harder to operate as their mettles have been tested over the past few years.

Neil continued to dumb-down the listeners in a gatekeeper fashion, as Jones likely could then see just where the interview was heading. Jones shouted, “”, squeezing a shameless plug onto the mainstream as the show’s two jesters, Andrew Neil and Times columnist David Aaronovitch, act like fools.

David Aaronovitch then said facetiously, “If you talk to Alex for any length of time you discover a lot of things you didn’t know about the world…. But it leaves me with a huge question Alex…. You have uncovered the New World Order, which is deadly, it’s full of criminals who seek to run the world and will kill anyone who gets in there way, and you are a lone crusader against them”, insinuating the question to Jones, why are you still alive?

Jones went on to explain how if he were killed it would validate the conspiracies are real and make him a “martyr”, putting “big explanation points on the end of what” Jones has said in the past.

Aaronovitch went on to poke fun at cancer viruses in vaccines, as Jones spouted aloud “Hey listen, this isn’t a joke! I’m here to warn people!”. 

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