BBC propaganda video compares sandwiches being thrown to migrants to Nazi concentration camps

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BY Paul Joseph Watson |

Apparently, a video of police throwing sandwiches to hungry migrants at a camp in Hungary is comparable to Jews being gassed in Nazi concentration camps.

That’s if you believe an overt propaganda piece published by the BBC which shows footage of a group of migrants clamoring for food at the Roszke migrant camp near the Serbian border. The article, which is currently the top story on the BBC News website, is entitled ‘Migrant crisis: People treated ‘like animals’ in Hungary camp’.

The clip, which is backed by an ominous sounding and emotionally manipulative soundtrack, is narrated by an activist named Klaus Kufner, who states, “It reminded me of a concentration camp.”

Watch the BBC video with added music for increased psychological manipulation here

The music doesn’t appear in the original video, suggesting it was deliberately added by the BBC.

What is not mentioned in the narration, which attempts to imply that migrants are being mistreated, is that several are seen walking up to police and taking sandwiches for themselves with no clamor or distress whatsoever. Several of the migrants in the clip can also be seen smiling.

While the BBC and other media outlets are keen to highlight videos of migrants apparently being mistreated, footage showing migrants in a negative light has been completely absent from television screens.

Take the video below for example. It shows migrants at a train station in Hungary obnoxiously throwing bottled water onto train tracks that was being handed out by police.

Another video shows migrants in Macedonia refusing to take water from Red Cross workers.

Another clip shows migrants robbing a charitable Hungarian man who was attempting to equally distribute donated gifts.

A video of a Hungarian camerawoman tripping up a migrant who was fleeing from police became an international news story.

However, videos and reports of migrants assaulting European citizens as well as throwing feces and rocks have been universally ignored.

The deluge of trash and waste left behind by migrants, highlighted below in an RT report, has also been ignored by big media networks.

The video illustrates how the BBC, which is funded via mandatory TV licenses paid by UK citizens, has dispensed with any remaining pretense of journalistic neutrality and has thrown its full weight behind the move to flood Europe with millions of economic migrants who aren’t even refugees, allowing activists to frame its news coverage.

This represents a direct violation of the BBC’s own charter which states that the corporation must “ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality.”

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