Beached dead and bloated blue whale threatens town with methane gas explosion

An 82-foot-long dead whale washed ashore recently causing quite a dilemma

By Shepard Ambellas

TROUT RIVER, Canada (INTELLIHUB) — A disgustingly dead and bloated 82-foot-long blue whale has washed ashore recently, causing a major stir in the town of 600.

Interestingly, the whale’s body keeps getting bigger, like a massive inflating balloon and may even explode as methane gas continues to build up inside.

Residents are now complaining of the nasty smell emitting from the whale’s body which is expected to worsen.

According to reports, federal agencies were contacted by town officials for help outside help, but all requests were denied.

It’s believed that the blue whale was one that died a few weeks back after its pod was trapped in ice.

It’s not yet known how the townspeople will handle the issue moving forth.

(Image: YouTube)

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