Become a private cop — little training needed; get a real badge and even a gun

Less than 130 hours of training gets a ‘rookie’ turned-loose with a gun and a badge

By Shepard Ambellas

VIRGINIA (INTELLIHUB) — As if the world isn’t strange enough already privatized armies, mercs, and assassins are now commonplace. It’s the way the elites do business. It’s much like a game of chess really, just a much more expensive and deadly version.

One person makes a move, the other one counters. It’s the nature of the game. It’s how the elites play chess now, in realtime, with human players, pawns; their private mercenaries per ce. The world is their battlefield.

But beck here in the homeland in some districts, states, like Virginia for example, old English Common Laws are still in effect dictating that 40-130 hours of training are enough to qualify a person to become a privatized police officer, a “Special Conservator of the Peace” or SCOP.

Currently there are around 750 SCOPs in Virginia, some of which are even sole proprietors. However, recent trends are showing a drastic push toward the privatization of secondary zone police.

John Hall with American Security Group, a private security firm, says a “void” needs to be filled where municipal police leave off, iterating how private security firms, private police agencies, should police places such as but not limited to homeowners associations, lightrails, corporate campuses, museums, and business parks. In fact if private security firms had it their way “Judge Dredd” would be a reality. After all why not just make private police the judge and jury. The be-all and end-all. While I would never agree with such a tyrannical measure we can clearly see the writing on the wall — where all of this is headed.

Speaking in terms of the future; could you imagine robo-SCOPs? A world in which everything is micromanaged. Every aspect of your life. You could hypothetically get a pink slip for parking wrong or even get arrested for giving food to your neighbor. The firms, private police, will likely even have access to every one of your smartdevices, access to your cloud.

Looking into my crystal ball I can already see how the police, private or public, will one day be able to drown out your cloud by requesting what will be known as a “STORM”, which stands for “Systematic Takeover of Random Memory”, as I have just coined the term here and now, God as my witness. Through this technology they will ultimately be able to “storm”; infiltrate, your devices, data, which may even be subliminally implanted, in order to manipulate every aspect of your digital life which by the year 2025 will consume 80% of your existence.  — if we entertain that earth in 2025 will even still exist taking into full consideration the direction we [as humans] are headed.

There are already 1.1 million private police on the streets of America as public police numbers pale in comparison with a total force of only 640,000.

The risk factor

Private police come at a risk according to a study conducted in 2012 by the University of Illinois Collage of Law which concludes that private police are grossly “under-trained” which can and has led to problems.

In Washington D.C. for example “special police” only are required by law to undergo 40 hours of fast-tracked training, which is really just a drop in the bucket, compared to the 1200 hours of training which most public law enforcement officers, depending on their jurisdiction and title, are required to endure and attain, so the risks are there.

“You got these guys running out there as security officers who couldn’t make it as police officers.”, Kevin Bukowski, a former SCOP said, pointing out the reality of just how scary the idea of more private police on the streets actually sounds. Not only in 2015, but taking everything into consideration: what will the year 2015 look like?

According to Julian Borger, a diplomat, the year 2025 will look like “a fragmented world, where conflict over scarce resources” has risen, “poorly contained by “ramshackle” international institutions, while nuclear proliferation, particularly in the Middle East, and even nuclear conflict” are common. Now I don’t know about you — but to me that seems kinda creepy. It’s amazing how Orwellian the world has actually become in such a short amount of time. It has all just went to hell in a handbasket. Sometimes it makes it makes me wonder why we have all become so decadent. I mean I try to do my part, but it’s just not good enough anymore. It’s like we are getting sucked into a Cat. 5 hurricane. Things are just happening to fast.

I feel as if the world has become yet even lazier with the development of new technologies, gizmos and gadgets that we one time only could drool over while watching popular children’s television programing when we were kids, like The Jetsons and Star Trek. In fact old episodes of The Jetsons foreshadowed the laziness of the future human race right before our very eyes. The makers of the program knew what was coming. They were telling us through predictive programming.

Predictive programing will likely be the reason our future will look exactly how it has been depicted in many Hollywood blockbuster films — bleak. While it may not be the very future they themselves desired, it’s the future the elites have planned for us.

You see — people have grown up seeing the future all of their lives, subconsciously and even subliminally by watching their favorite TV shows. From the Dukes of Hazard to M.A.S.H., Planet of the Apes, Cops, Dog the Bounty Hunter, whatever you watched and indulged in programmed you. That’s why they call it “programming” in the television industry.

Just a little food for thought as they say.


Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling — Washington Post

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