(INTELLIHUB) — It appears that the Illuminati may have planned and masterminded the construction of the City of Astana which is located along the banks of the Ishim River in Kazakhstan.

The county is considered a Democratic Constitutional Republic but the main religion is Islam.

WoodwardTV reports: “There is no freedom of religion, there is no right to assemble, and there is no free speech. In fact, there are many restrictions on the freedoms of the citizens.”

Strange symbol can be seen incorporated throughout city’s design and its buildings which are aligned in a pattern.

In the city and around the country large patterns, such as a falcon and a pentagram, can be seen from the air, much like the infamous Nazca lines in Peru.

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Moreover, there is a strange golden triangle which sits inside the top room of a specific high-rise. The golden triangle bears the hand imprint of the countries dictator, like a scene out of the 1990 Hollywood film Total Recall.

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