17 arrested in connection, weapons cache and bomb-making materials found

By Shepard Ambellas

VERVIERS, Belgium (INTELLIHUB) — Two suspected terrorists of Islamic faith who were shot and killed by counterterror teams Thursday are said to have ISIS ties and are believed to have even fought with ISIS in Syria, according to a counterterror source.

However, while authorities have extinguished the two subjects, arresting a third, others are thought to be involved with the terror network and are still on the loose, posing a major threat to police and the general public, authorities say.

The raid, which was only semi-successful, yielded a cache of weapons, including grenades and bomb-making materials which were said to have been being readied for an upcoming attack upon police “in streets and stations”, according to federal prosecutor Eric van der Sypt.

In fact, van der Sept believes it may have only been a matter of days before the cell was planning to carry out the plot which was foiled by authorities with help from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

So far 17 members of the cell have been detained, which according to authorities have no connection to the recent Paris attacks.

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon announced Friday that at least 150 military troops will await deployment after being placed on “standby”. Jambon also announced that the terror threat will remain at 3 of 4 being the highest.

Other reports say there may be as many as 20 active cells in the region.

The arrests are said to be making residents nervous and anxiety remains high in the cities as the general populace remains unarmed and defenseless against such aggression.


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