Bernie Sanders, a wolf in sheeps clothing

By Andrew Pontbriand | Resistance Journals

After Bernie Sanders was first elected to the house in 1990, that was his response to an ad that linked him to Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Most people would agree that profit hating, self describe democratic socialist, does not seem like an authoritarian when compared to someone like Adolf Hitler. However, nonetheless it is possible that Bernie Sanders may be a very dangerous man. In this article, I will explain why he is, and also why he is most likely the establishment’s choice for president.

Over the past several years Bernie Sanders has garnished a ton of support from the younger crowd. Whether it’s teenager’s, college students or other young adults, and his strong support of government programs such as Social Security, he also has support from retirees and those who are already over the hill.

Profits are Evil, but War isn’t?

There is hardly anybody in the House of Representatives or the United States Congress who is more vehemently opposed to large corporate profits, as Bernie Sanders. He is constantly giving hell to corporations and other senators who seemed to try to justify corporate tax breaks or handouts and bailouts. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, he doesn’t seem to have a problem helping out large corporations, government contractors, or certain Defense Department contractors, when it benefits him, or his constituent’s. Of course, we have seen these sort of antics before and can easily tell when the puppets strings are being pulled.

As the younger generations continue to support Sanders as “the lesser evil,” they always point to his criticism of Wall Street, and large corporations and their big, evil profits. However, criticism is where it seems to end, as Bernie has been unable to have any sort of notable victories. All rhetoric, no action.

War Hawk, Supporter of Genocide

Not surprisingly, Sanders is another darling of AIPAC. And when he isn’t telling students to shut up when they ask about Israel, he is just openly supporting their military genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Independent? I think not.

Bernie Sanders is now and has been a veteran for a while. With the current state of affairs, it seems the time is right for the establishment to make a push for Bernie Sander’s presidency. Although it looks like it will be between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic card, the current atmosphere seems to suggest Sanders would be much more popular amongst the Millennial generation and the elders who are still voting. So, assuming voting still matters(it doesn’t) I would not be surprised if Bernie Sanders pulled in more votes than Hillary Clinton.

His war hawkish ways, and his support for Israel, mixed together seems to suggest that he is easily corruptible (if not already bought and paid for) and already controlled by the establishment even though he has been an independent. His love of drones and seemingly overt hatred for the right leads me to believe he will not hesitate to take physical action against those “right wingers,” if instructed to do so. The repeater has solidified his reputation as anti Wall street, which means even seasoned activists forget he is a POLITICIAN, and always will be.

He is, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This article originally appeared on Resistance Journals.