Bernie Sanders files lawsuit against DNC after Clinton backed move to effectively end his campaign

“The D.N.C. is actively working to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign”

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(INTELLIHUB) — Trouble within the Democratic Party reached new heights Friday after revelations that Bernie Sanders Campaign staffers “exploited” a software error to access confidential Clinton voter information led to a DNC decision to cut off access to the entire crucial voter database.

In response, Sanders team swiftly filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Washington that demanded the committee restore access to the database which literally contains data on millions of Democrats and is so valuable that without it a Presidential campaign is effectively over.

“The voter data is vital to the fundraising and voter identification efforts of all presidential candidates,” read the lawsuit. According to the New York Times, the lawsuit also said that the data was especially critical to the Sanders campaign because of its reliance on donations from individuals citizens rather than political action committees.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver strongly condemned the actions taken by the DNC as yet another in a long line of strategic moves to undermine Sanders and push Hillary Clinton on the American people.

“The leadership of the Democratic National Committee is now actively attempting to undermine our campaign,” Weaver said at a Friday news conference, according to USA Today.

“It’s impossible to mobilize the kind of grass-roots campaign we have without that data. We are, because of the nature of our campaign, peculiarly affected by this type of taking of data hostage by the DNC.”

Remember, we already know that the DNC purposefully limited the debates in order to help Clinton so it is not unlikely that this move was a purposeful overreaction to a minor issue.

It is also important to note that the Sanders campaign immediately fired their data manager as well as the three other staffers who looked at the confidential data. Even more important, as noted by Salon’s Bob Cesca, is the fact that the accused could very well have not even been trying to improperly view Clinton’s data. Again, a fact that the DNC surely knows.

“The national data director for the Sanders campaign was immediately fired by Sanders. There are apparently three other Sanders staffers who accessed the data at the request of Uretsky, who claims that the team was merely determining whether a software glitch in the NGP VAN system would also compromise crucial Sanders voter data,” reported Cesca.

“In other words, they claim they were testing to see whether their counterparts in the Clinton camp could exploit the backdoor as well. If Uretsky is to be believed, it sounds like the typical behavior of programmers and IT professionals, malicious or not, who routinely suss out security issues by exploiting them.”

Interestingly, Bernie Sanders himself seems to be an anti-establishment candidate similar to Donald Trump (with obvious policy differences) and has a large amount of support from independent minded Americans who are tired of political dynasties like the Clinton’s and the Bush’s.

In fact, in a still ongoing exclusive Intellihub poll, Sanders received 11% of the votes from our own audience which comes in fourth behind Trump, Paul, and Cruz. This is important because it shows that readers who lean left but still read alternative media are overwhelmingly for Sanders while pretty much no one who gets their news from independent sources supports Clinton.

Clearly the Democratic establishment fears the policies and populous support of Bernie Sanders just as the Republican establishment fears the likes of Trump and Paul.


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