Bernie Sanders had a plan to confiscate the entire Rockefeller family fortune in 1974

Sanders "pet issue" during the 1970's was to use government to target globalist family

“It is absolutely absurd that this one family should have that much power of tens of millions of people”

(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last year there has been a major debate throughout the country over what Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders actually stands for and what a Bernie presidency would actually look like.

Is he a straight up authoritarian socialist? Is he going to target millionaires while ignoring the true elite billionaires? Is he anti-American?

These are just some of the key questions being asked about Sanders, all of which have gone largely unanswered. The fact of the matter is the American people simply do not have enough valid information to be able to actually judge Sanders beliefs without bias.

Interestingly, as Sanders continues to climb in the polls, mainstream media outlets are starting to dig into his so-called “radical” past and what they have found may shock you. Not only has Sanders called for nationalizing both the oil and telecom industries, he has also specifically targeted the globalist super family the Rockefeller’s.

A report by Yahoo National Correspondent Hunter Walker details Sanders past by not only interviewing former acquaintances but also using old newspaper clippings to show what Sanders was calling for in the early 1970’s when he was the socialist mayor of  Burlington, Vermont.


Sanders apparently had two main themes during his 1974 Senate race, the first being to target electric and telephone rate increases by confronting them with a“public takeover of all privately owned electric utilities in the state.” Clearly this is not an action that most freedom minded individuals in 2016 would even remotely support.

His second main theme for the race is where it gets interesting as Sanders goes from sounding like a socialist trying to take over key industries to an alternative media type truther targeting the Rockefeller family.

As Walker noted in the Yahoo report, Sanders called targeting the Rockefeller family wealth his “own pet issue”, while decrying the “incredible economic power of the family.” Walker goes on to cite multiple newspaper clippings that quote Sanders in regards to his thoughts on the Rockefeller family power.

“When the telephone company requests a huge rate increase in Vermont, we should understand that the Chase Manhattan Bank – a Rockefeller bank – is one of the major stockholders of AT&T and that the rate increases we pay go right into their pockets,” Sanders was quoted as saying.

BernieFri., June 28, 1974, Bennington Banner

“There is probably no group more powerful, and more dangerous than the Rockefeller family among the handful of multi-billionaires who control much of the nations economy.”

Sanders went on to literally expose what we would call the New World Order today. Noting the fact that the economy of the world was controlled by fewer people than ever before, (remember this is in 1974) Sanders declared that, “while the real wages of working people actually decline because of inflation, corporate profits soar and the billionaires get richer and even more powerful.”

“While working people in Vermont and America are paying 60 cents for a gallon of gas and tens of thousands of Vermonters are working for $2 or $2.50 an hour, a tiny handful of multi-billionaires determine whether governments around the world will be persevered or will topple, or whether the people of this nation will experience so-called “energy crises” and so-called “food crises.”

Sanders then went on to jump the shark, insinuating that the way to combat the power of the Rockefeller family is to literally confiscate their money which would then be “used to create a decent standard of living for all people.”

In the Yahoo report Walker provided a little background information as to what was happening in the country around the time that Sanders made these comments.

Sanders was in the middle of running on an anti-Rockefeller platform in August 1974 when reports began to emerge that President Ford planned to nominate Nelson Rockefeller to be his vice president after the impeachment and resignation of President Nixon.

Sanders was apoplectic and sent a letter to Ford urging him to pick someone else because “the Rockefellers are already the richest and most powerful family in the world.”

Sanders warned that the appointment “could be the beginning of a virtual Rockefeller family dictatorship over the nation.” Rockefeller was officially nominated about a week later and went on to become vice president.

So there you have it. Admitted socialist Bernie Sanders was actually on target in the 1970’s when he specifically called out the Rockefeller family. Sadly, his prescription to the problem was to use the power of government to literally steal their wealth instead of doing something like continually exposing their crimes and pushing for grand juries to be set up to indict them.

What do you think? Does this information change your perspective on Bernie Sanders, especially when you consider who he is challenging in the Democratic primary?

The one fact we can count on above all others is that Hillary Clinton would NEVER target her globalist allies which may be the reason we have seen establishment liberals either ignore Sanders or attack him.

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