That big methane release in the southwest USSA

By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle

I just noticed the unexpected news of a surprisingly large methane release in the Southwest USSA.

If you look at the graphic data display you immediately see that it greatly exceeds any other methane release in the continental USSA.

The story says the release of 1.3 million pounds of methane per year is due to leaks in the extraction of natural gas from coal beds in that region.

Could be. Maybe.

But there are other natural gas operations, other coal beds and coal mining regions elsewhere in continental North America, and nowhere else is this huge spike of methane release to be seen.

So is something else going on?

Things That Go Bump In The Night In The Four Corners

I lived in the Southwestern USSA for a big chunk of my previous life and so I have some first-hand knowledge of the New Mexico-Arizona-Colorado region. Just a short distance to the east of this huge, methane outgassing region right along the New Mexico-Colorado border lies the northern New Mexico town of Taos. I mention that, because some years back there were quite a number of stories in local and national news outlets about the so-called “Taos Hum.”

Over an extended period of time, a lot of people heard a grinding, droning, humming sound that would go on and on for hours or days at a time, somewhat reminiscent of the sound of a powerful diesel engine idling or working under load.

The source of the infamous “Taos Hum” remains unexplained to this day.

Various explanations have been proffered, including the possibility that many people are hearing the low-frequency, grinding noises of the clandestine TBMs (tunnel boring machines) being used by the Shadow Government to make secret, subterranean tunnel networks. These machines can be quite huge, hundreds of feet long, with a gigantic, slowly rotating cutting head that is 40 or 50 feet in diameter, or even more, with thousands of horsepower. They are monster machines. They are real and they are in use all over the world making everything from subway/metro train tunnels, to railway and automobile tunnels, hydroelectric tunnels, deep mining tunnels, sewer, irrigation and municipal water supply tunnels, and also tunnels for deep underground, military projects.

Based on my research, I am open to the possibility that people are hearing heavy machinery at work deep underground, making secret tunnels and underground bases. I think it could be an explanation for some of these reports.

I document quite a lot of plans for underground excavation and construction of bases and tunnels and various underground and underwater facilities in my three books on the topic of underground and underwater bases and tunnels. The main thing is to understand that the technology and machinery, engineering expertise, funding and trained technical personnel to construct mammoth, highly sophisticated bases and tunnels deep underground and deep undersea have been in place for half a century. There is no science fiction involved. It is hard, engineering fact.

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