Bilderberg 2012: Bring on the Bilderbabes Note: Special thanks to Charlie Skelton for publishing some of our exclusive photos in the London Guardian as well as for his outstanding coverage of Bilderberg 2012. I strongly urge everyone to read this full article and all of Charlie’s Bilderberg coverage.
By Charlie Skelton
June 2, 2012

Protesters at Bilderberg up their game: ‘What do they want? Hegelian dialectics! When do they want it? Now!’

Bilderberg protestors with bullhorn

Foot down and fingers up: bullhorns at the ready as protesters greet Bilderberg’s guests. Photograph: Hannah Borno for the Guardian

The protesters seem to have upped their game when it comes to slogans. “We are not the indentured slaves of your oligarchy!” booms a bullhorn, from beneath a banner that seeks redress for the “war profiteering” of “eugenicist thugs”.

I don’t know if it’s the truth of the accusations or the volume of the anger, but one policeman tells us: “They’re very scared by the reception the cars are getting, so they’ve told the drivers to accelerate now as they enter the hotel.”

There’s also been a spate of bird-flipping from the drivers and bodyguards. Foot down and fingers up.

The police have rearranged the barricades outside the hotel, and implemented a zero tolerance policy towards people in the road. Two arrests have been made for ‘jaywalking’.

My wife witnessed the arrests, and tells me, “The police outside are genuinely worried that protestors will get run over. The limos aren’t stopping for anything.”

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