Bilderberg 2015: Journalists infiltrate hotel, take exclusive video INSIDE Bilderberg conference room



Footage taken before journalists were kicked out of hotel by Bilderberg security

(INTELLIHUB) — Independent journalists from WeAreChange and Press For Truth have released astonishing footage taken inside the hotel that is hosting Bilderberg 2015.

Breaking through the lockdown around the hotel, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks were able to film footage both inside and outside the hotel throughout the 2 days that they were there.

Rudkowski and Dicks were apparently able to infiltrate the hotel due to the fact that they had press credentials from the G7 and that members of the White House Press Corps were staying at the hotel before Bilderberg to cover the nearby G7 meetings.

During their stay in the hotel they were able to speak with some of the White House reporters who apparently admitted, off the record, that they worked in journalism for the money rather than actually exposing the truth.


“It vindicated everything I thought about the mainstream media,” Rudkowski said in the video.

After watching past videos on Bilderberg put out by Rudkowski, security eventually realized their mistake and kicked the group out of the hotel.

Due to the fact that no one has ever filmed the inside of the conference room during any past Bilderberg meetings, Rudkowski and Dicks released multiple videos explaining in detail how they pulled it off.

The lockdown surrounding Bilderberg 2015 is unprecedented and proves just how important it is to the global elite to stifle any uncensored news coming out of their secretive meetings.

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