Bilderberg: New Road Built for Getting Attendees into Grove Hotel in Private


Liberty Tactics get yet another interesting detail from inside the Bilderberg meeting this year…

Photo: 21st Century Wire / Liberty Tactics
Photo: 21st Century Wire / Liberty Tactics

21st Century Wire
June 8, 2013

There are VIP’s – and there are VIP’s…

James Britpod interviews a man who managed to stay inside the hotel up until Wednesday when he was turfed out, where the subject explains how a “temporary road” was erected using miles of special reinforced event fencing, connecting the inner sanctum of the Grove grounds by use a “single lane” road, to one of the main roads bordering the Grove estate. Who was, or is using this special access or egress road to the 2013 Bilderberg meeting?

Bill Gates is in London, and is said to likely attend this year’s secret confab, but what about even bigger fish?

Although the ‘official’ guestlist for Bilderberg has been made public through the major media for the first time  this year, the real interest will be in who is NOT on the list…

Today’s Bilderberg coverage which was streamed live on the Guerilla Media Network, saw the UK’s Liberty Tactics team reveal from reports on the ground in Watford that both Hillary Clinton and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, were spotted entering Bilderberg’s Grove Hotel today, along with luminaries David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.

Both the jet-setting Clintons were also present at Kissinger’s 90th birthday party this past Monday night in New York City.

James Britpod from Liberty Tactics explains about Bilderberg’s non-guestlisters who have been spotted, “We do have Hillary, Bill, as well as quite a lot of others”.

Sadly, American Free Press veteran journalist Jim Tucker passed away in April, but as was revealed on Guerilla Media’s live stream today, Tucker’s baton has been passed to his fellow reporter Mark Anderson, including old and new inside contacts within the Bilderberg organisation itself.

When asked about the difficulty in seeing Bilderberg VIP’s through the parade of tinted windows, journalist Anderson aptly explained how, “The dark windows match the dark personalities inside”.

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