Bilderbergers maintain silence upon arrival at 2019 meeting in Switzerland

2019 Bilderberg meeting attendees gave journalists a smirk and a few dirty looks but nothing more.

GENEVA, Switzerland (INTELLIHUB) — We Are Change frontman Luke Rudkowski and Press For Truth founder Dan Dicks confronted a number of high profile Bilderberg attendees as they passed through the Genève Aéroport’s international terminal on their way to this year’s annual meeting.

The daring journalists got a smirk and few dirty looks from obviously perturbed attendees and hired security as they gathered footage.

Rudkowski, Dicks and several other individuals were detained by police then later released just hours prior to the shoot merely for coving the meeting.

Rudkowski said that police told them they “would get in serious trouble and be in serious jail” for filming the Bilderbergers at the airport. However, the two sly journalists found a workaround and were able to legally film from a public walkway.

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