Bill Clinton’s former mistress of 14-years drops bombshells on radio broadcast

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‘I have a safe deposit box full of fun secrets’

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — Gennifer Flowers, a previous 14-year mistress to former U.S. President Bill Clinton, came out on a radio show Saturday night telling insider stories about Bill and Hillary that may or may not shock you.

During the interview Flowers dropped several bombshells, one of which she said may still be keeping her alive–sort of a safeguard if you will. A safe deposit box full of fun–one that contains damning secrets about Bill.

“It’s something that he [Bill] is aware that I have and it’s probably the reason that I’m still around […] It’s been sort of my safety net. And that’s another decision that’s part of the decision to release it or hold on to it and hope that it helps with my safety.”, Flowers told the host.

Flowers also spoke up about Hillary’s 2016 Presidential run. Flowers said she thinks it’s a “joke” that Hillary “would run on women’s issues” for 2016 after what she has seen transpire with Hillary and Bill’s relationship.
“You know, people criticize me for talking about her because I had an affair with her husband.”, Flowers said.

“And I don’t blame them for that.”

But Hillary “never accepted her responsibility at being an enabler. She’s been an enabler that has encouraged him to go out and do whatever he does with women.”

“Women’s rights, ha”, Flowers stated.

During the broadcast Flowers also talked about how Bill Clinton was the love of her life and how she desperately missed him.

While Flowers displays some balls for speaking out on this topic she might want to offer up her ace card sooner than later as it has already been reported that there have been at least 90 suspicious deaths surrounding the Clinton family.

Flowers maintains that she is currently working on a book regarding the matter.

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