Bill Gates reproducing Nazi biological warfare experiments

By Jason Charles

(INTELLIHUB) — It has been revealed through a recent release of documents that Nazi scientists were researching how to use mosquitos as biological dispersion agents.

The Guardian reported:

“But in an article for the science journal Endeavour, Klaus Reinhardt says protocols kept by the head of the institute allow no other conclusion than that the institute also pursued research into biological warfare.

In 1944, scientists examined different types of mosquitoes for their life spans in order to establish whether they could be kept alive long enough to be transported from a breeding lab to a drop-off point. At the end of the trials, the director of the institute recommended a particular type of anopheles mosquito, a genus well-known for its capacity to transmit malaria to humans.”


Coincidentally Bill Gates has been funding research into this very thing by putting money into the genetic manipulation of mosquitos to deliver bio agents.

Here is a video of Bill Gates releasing mosquitos into a crowded hall during a TED talk live.

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The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a eugenics organization that supports deadly vaccination programs that have given 47,500 people polio and millions to Planned Parenthood, an organization built on eugenics and Nazi race sterilization science.

There is something very disconcerting with the world when a Billionaire known for funding mass vaccination programs with horribly crippling results and also has major family ties to Planned Parenthood, a company that has known racist, eugenics roots tries to resurrect Nazi Biological War Experiments under the guise of Philanthropy towards the 3rd world.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jason Charles is a contributor to Intellihub News. You can also find his work at Truth Alliance
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