Bio recovery team cleans Dr. Spencer’s apartment, no protocol followed?

Meanwhile mayor pushes flu shots onto ‘every New Yorker’

By Shepard Ambellas |

Video Source: YouTube/Acepilot2k7

NEW YORK CITY — Friday marked a turning point as city officials scrambled to track down anyone who may have come in contact with Dr. Craig Spencer, the cities first official Ebola patient.

Moreover, the states of New York, New Jersey and Illinois strengthened quarantine protocols for doctors traveling into the country from Ebola stricken regions by making it mandatory for quarantine upon entry. Subsequently it was also reported that at least two doctors traveling from west Africa have indeed been quarantined. One of the doctors was said to have arrived at JFK airport and the other at Newark.

Earlier on Friday the city’s mayor announced in a press conference, speaking to the citizens of New York:

“if you or a loved one feels you may meet the qualifications […] and you have a fever and other symptoms, it is crucial to call 911 or go immediately to a hospital emergency room.”


“Let me emphasize those are the only two acceptable actions”, Mayor De Blasio said in a stern voice.

Shockingly the mayor went on to push flu vaccinations onto “every” New Yorker, saying, “Every New Yorker gets a flu shot. Not only does this prevent the flu for them and their family, it also helps medical teams to deal with something to falsely indicate Ebola. […] Every New Yorker must go now. Get a flu shot”

However even more over the top is the fact that the bio recovery team that cleaned Dr. Craig Spencer’s apartment may not have even properly protected outside, adding to paranoia locally.

In fact, one of the HAZMAT crew members took a drink of his 44-ounce fountain drink right after removing his gloves. It’s also important to note that masks were not even worn, demonstrating the epic failure of city officials and the HAZMAT team itself.

Update: After speaking with Sal, the Chief Safety Officer of the bio recovery company that completed the sanitation of Dr. Spencer’s apartment [pictured in the video], he insisted that the best equipment and practices were used and that all safety measures and precautions were looked at and taken.

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