Bird-sized Air Force Micro Air Vehicles already in operation

U.S. Air Force admits MAVs already in-use

(INTELLIHUB) — According to the U.S. Air Force bird-sized Micro Air Vehicles have already been developed and have been operational since 2015.

“MAVs will play an important role in future warfare” and will “increase situational awareness of the war-fighter” due to their unique ability to rapidly engage a target minimizing “collateral damage.”

MAVs are versatile and can be deployed in a variety of urban and natural environments and may even be “air-dropped,” according to the Air Force.

UAVs can easily be “hidden in plain sight” and can even harness ambient energy “sunlight” and energy from “power lines” or other mechanical sources, “such as vibrating machinery.”

Due to their size MAVs can enter many situations undetected by humans and can survey large areas with their sensors which provide realtime data for the operator.

MAVs can even be used in a “swarm,” working together to canvass a rather large area.

MAVs can either be used for reconnaissance or they can even be weaponized and engage targets.

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