Black Lives Matter supporter, armed activist, booted from Trump rally


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‘I don’t give a f**k what y’all think’

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (INTELLIHUB) — A rather obese Black Lives Matter supporter and known armed activist named Mercutio Southall Jr. was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally Saturday morning after drawing attention to himself to try an attract publicity for his group.

“Get him the hell out of here, will you please,” Trump told the crowd as they cheered.

Southall “was so obnoxious and so loud, he was screaming. I had 10,000 people in the room yesterday, 10,000 people, and this guy started screaming by himself and they–I don’t know, rough up, he should have been–maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing,” Trump told Fox & Friends during an interview.

The Washington Post reported that Southall was “punched” and “choked” as he was being dragged from the building by security.

Southall can be heard on video yelling loudly in a narcissistic manner:

“Everybody here want me to leave? I don’t give a f**k what y’all think. I care about myself.”

During the altercation Southall took off his overcoat to reveal a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt which he was wearing underneath.

“Listen to that bullshit,” Southall yelled, in contrast to Trumps amplified voice in the background.

At one point one Trump supporter told Southall as he was being escorted out by security at “all lives matter” not just black ones.

“Black lives matter,” Southall chanted.

Southall can also be heard in the video telling security to “stop trying to break” his arm.

Screencapture main page via Rise News/YouTube

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