Black pastor in Minneapolis: ‘This is not about making America great again, America has never been great’

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‘America was built on slave labor’

MINNEAPOLIS (INTELLIHUB) — Reverend Clinton Stancil, the pastor of Wayman African Methodist Episcopal Church Church took to the streets after former cop Jason Stockley was acquitted for the 2011 fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith last Friday.

“This is not about making America great again,” the pastor’s raspy voice could be heard yelling into a megaphone. “America has never been great. It’s always been racist. It was built on slave labor.”

The pastor told Vice News that his people are “tired” and “frustrated” that there is “no justice in America” and made it clear that his focus is to create “mass disruption” within the “economic power base.”

“There is no justice when cops can kill without retribution — they are going to do it again,” he said. “Our message is simple — you kill our kids and we kill your economy.”

The following morning after the protest, community leaders gathered back at the church to regroup.

Stockley’s acquittal has led to violence in suburbs of St. Louis over the past in which 100 people were arrested as a result.

Here is a clip of the pastor speaking on Sunday at church.

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