Blink-182 frontman heads up UFO reverse-engineering and disclosure project with top-level industry and political professionals


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Rockstar’s company heads up reverse-engineering of alien technology, former top-level U.S. government, and private sector personnel on board

(INTELLIHUB) — Blink-182 frontman and C.E.O. of the California-based company To The Stars Acadamy of Arts & Science has been working with top-level aerospace industry professionals and political figures to reverse-engineer and ultimately disclose advanced alien technologies which have been recovered and kept secret by the U.S. government for nearly a century.

That’s right, former senior members of the U.S. Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the private aerospace sector have all come together and have been contracted by DeLonge for a seven-year-long multi-pronged project which the multi-talented entrepreneur maintains could ultimately “propel humanity forward” in a major way.

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According to the famed rockstar turned techie, To The Stars Acadamy of Arts & Science is a “public benefit corporation” and is the first “transparent partnership” of its kind between the fields of aerospace engineering, science, and cinematic entertainment.

Head of Advanced Programs and Technology at TTS and former Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Program Director for Advanced Systems Stephen Justice is involved with the project and agrees it presents mankind with “an opportunity to reach beyond the normal boundaries of aerospace” which Justice feels may, one day, result in the creation of “revolutionary” new products which could change the world for the better.

DeLonge has recently been the center of attention in the UFO community after his Oct. 26 appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience where he spilled the beans about what he has been doing behind the scenes.

Early on the broadcast, Delonge explained to Rogan that the original concept behind “To The Stars” was for it to be a science fiction media outlet, much like a Disney of sorts, but said that the company has since “evolved” into something far greater.

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The rock star turned public benefit mogul said everything changed for him on Feb. 25, 2016, when he flew out to “Pentagon City” to meet up with top-level government officials. The high-profile meeting came about after DeLonge exchanged a series of emails with former President Barack H. Obama’s advisor John Podesta in January of 2016, as verified by Wikileaks.

As it turns out, DeLonge’s contact with Podesta is what appears to have led to his subsequent invite to speak with other top-level professionals who are notable insiders of the intel and aerospace community but the question remains, were these people using DeLonge as they did Bill Moore, the co-author of The Roswell Incident as a means to progress their agenda?

“People think that places like the C.I.A., and the D.I.A., and all of these intelligence organizations have some sort of monopoly on information, they don’t,” DeLonge explained to Rogan. “They get their information from the real world too.”

Although the To The Stars Academy C.E.O. acknowledges that such intel agencies have access to vast archival information and satellite data, they still put their pants on one leg at a time just like the civilian population.

DeLonge, who is also the author of the book Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows, told Rogan that these people are interested in using him as a communication liaison to some extent as part of a planned effort to slowly integrate and disclose the existence of advanced alien technology to the general public.

DeLonge said that information regarding the UFO phenomenon and advanced alien technologies has been hidden from the public and mucked up by disinformation programs since the 1940’s but said that officials are now trying to figure out how to slowly release the information to where the public can eventually accept the fact that aliens have been visiting our planet for millions of years.

“So I put out this book, Sekret Machines, and this book deals with secret international finance, private industry, a secret space program and other things,” he explained. “I believe that there is a reason why the cold war never got hot — it’s because we were working with Russia on this specific issue.”

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As all of this progressed and Delonge’s life started to feel more like an action spy thriller then a reality he was summoned to Colorado where he met with a general and a colonel along with several other military personnel connected with the National Reconnaissance Office who greenlighted the project and DeLonge’s proceeding appearances on Coast To Coast AM and other nationally syndicated radio programs.

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It was DeLonge’s mention of this “international force” and the Wikileaks dump of his emails with John Podesta that eventually put him on the radar and got him a good three-day-long “interrogation” inside of a hotel room by a six-man team that was dispatched from a “certain agency” within the U.S. government.

“There is a concerted international effort to deal with this stuff and that was in my book,” he said. “No one has put together what we are doing about it. […] In my book it is my belief that we have made incredible strides creating [international] assets to deal with this stuff [the threat of alien life].”

“It’s not all hunky-dory,” he said, in reference to the dark side of things (i.e. abductions, cattle mutilations, etc.) DeLonge says that he now refers to UFOs as “Advanced Arieal Threats.”

The young C.E.O. explained to Rogan that trying to figure all of this out is the key to the future. Such technology, like “warping spacetime around an object,” is groundbreaking, he explained, before he got into talking about “shooting a single electron” and “radiating it with terahertz.”

“I don’t want to pretend I know much about it,” he said. “I just know that the earlier tests were with radio waves, like RF, and they need to do terahertz. […] By shooting terahertz at it the piece of metal can lose mass.”

DeLonge said that his team plans on conducting experiments which could lead to the development of making metal weightless in the future like a piece of metal retrieved from the crash of 1948.

The young C.E.O. told Rogan to “watch” what his publically traded company does in the coming years. “That’s all I’m going to say,” he said.

In mid-December 2017, just over a month and a half after DeLonge’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, like clockwork, the Pentagon released information publically on their Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) in which the U.S. government allocated $22 million for study, validating DeLonge’s prior accusations and use of the lingo.

The recently leaked U.S. Navy F/A-18F fighter jet infrared gunsight footage showing appears to be a UFO was reportedly captured in 2004.

However, it is important to note that John Lear, a highly-decorated and highly-skilled pilot and son of the inventor of the “Lear Jet” has said publically that he believes the audio in the video, the conversation between the pilots, is likely not real which brings into question the authenticity of the video. Lear said that pilots simply don’t use words like “dude” and “bro”  and never address the wind’s direction as ‘going somewhere’ because ‘wind always comes from somewhere.’ Not to mention that there is too much ‘wind noise.’

Ret. U.S. Navy Cmdr. and pilot David Fravor gives the details of his 2004 encounter with the unidentified flying object the pilot feels is ‘not from this world’ in the following Dec. 20 interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The retired Navy commander said that he was on a routine training mission with his wingman when they were called off the exercise and were ordered to intercept the object in “real world tasking.”

‘The encounter took place about 100 miles south of San Diego, between San Diego and Ensenada Mexico, on a clear perfect day, blue waters,’ he explained. “We get out to the spot where they told us it was at and we started looking around and both of us, both airplanes, see a disturbance in the water and a white 40-foot-long Tic-Tac shaped object just hovering above the water, going forward, back, left, right — there’s no rotor wash, there’s no wings, nothing.”

The pilots chased the object for 3-5 minutes before Fravor maintains it took off speeds “well above supersonic.”

Fravor said that he “caught a lot a grief on the way back to the boat” and that the encounter was chalked off as “unexplained.”

Is the new Pentagon UFO disclosure program a trick or is it real?

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