Could BLM leaseholds for fracking operations be the reason for Bundy Ranch standoff?


The same bureaucracy that sold dozens of land leases to fracking companies last year is responsible for the recent Bundy Ranch standoff

By John Vibes

BUNKERVILLE, NEVADA (INTELLIHUB) — Earlier today, we reported on the intense standoff that is taking place at Bundy Ranch, where a rancher’s land has been surrounded by federal agents who are seeking to forcibly remove his livestock from disputed land.

The dispute has been initiated by a bureaucracy called The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, or BLM .  Since 1993, the federal agency has been attempting to annex areas of land that have been occupied by the same family of ranchers for many generations.  The land was occupied by this family well before the creation of the agency in 1946.

In the most recent showdown between the BLM and the Bundy family, large groups of protesters have gathered in support of the ranchers.  During the protests, police can be seen on film throwing pregnant women to the ground, setting dogs loose on people for no reason, and using tasers on people who were attempting to ask questions.

The Bundys are not the only ones who have been harassed by this federal agency.  Since its inception, the BLM’s primary goal has been to claim large areas of land for the government, so it can then either be sold or used for military bases.  Many times these plots of land are sold to corporations and even other governments.


Just last year it was reported that the BLM sold 29 federal land leases which covered more than 56 square miles in northeast Nevada.  The agency itself reported that the oil and gas leases in Elko County sold for $1.27 million to six different companies.

Every single one of these leases were purchased under the pretense that they would be used for natural gas fracking, a process that is known to contaminate water supplies and destroy local ecosystems.  The BLM claims that they are seizing land to preserve it, for environmental protection.  However, it is obvious that environmental protection is not their goal if they are selling large areas of land to fracking companies.

Although the land that was sold last year is 300 some miles away from Bundy ranch, the aggressive tactics that have been used by federal agents in this situation is raising the suspicion that this is another BLM land grab that is destined for a private auction.

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    Agenda 21 and special interest development are the reasons for this.

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    What about the Chinese solar panel plant? Is that not also an option? You know, the one with Harry Reid’s son who was a comissioner in Clark County.

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    Great article!! Just to add to it, Elko County and Clark County seem far apart, but are actually on opposite ends of the Chainman Shale Formation, which was surveyed in the early 1990s, about the time this dispute began. I thank God that Cliven Bundy had the heart to make this stand, and finally, FINALLY the govt’s filthy corporate facist policies are being exposed. This is all about FRACKING, and nothing else. I say we DENY BLM this financial windfall they are expecting to get through mafia-style tactics. No more!!

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    BINGO..just picked up on that one..

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    last year blm wanted to kill them

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