By Shepard Ambellas | December 7, 2013

A shocking new drill conducted by the Halton Regional Police Department along with staff and students of Sheridan College, shows us how the Sandy Hook school shooting may have been faked

Staged School Shooting


HALTON (INTELLIHUB) — In an epic and rather gruesome presentation, over 100 students and faculty of Sheridan College participated in a live active-shooter drill that took place in on campus in late November.

It was reported that 25 of the 100 students that participated played either “dead” or “wounded” victims as two cops dressed in “plain clothes” targeted their mock victims.

Photos of the bloody event were released to local press after the drill by rogue journalism students, however the schools associate film dean, Sandy McKean, was’t having it. McKean later recalled the photos saying that they were too gruesome for the public.

The Vice reported, “Speaking to the Sheridan Sun earlier, Sandy said he asked the content be taken down “based on professional practice in journalism because there was an excessive use of violent images.” A statement the school’s faculty disagreed with, saying that it was “censorship.”

Some speculate that the photo stand-down may have been triggered by the outcry from online independent Sandy Hook investigators who have put two-and-two together.


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