Unknown amout of UN & Russian Troops Arrive on U.S. Soil

This report is confirmed, however we are requesting that anyone in the area or vicinity in and around San Diego, CA that is willing to investigate and film contact us immediately at contacts@dev-test.intellihub.com. This report came from inside the military from a protected source known only as Razor Scout. This source holds major credibility with the Intellihub, and this should not be taken lightly. We need a team assembled quick to go scan the area. Please submit any tips on this subject to tips@dev-test.intellihub.com “Calling all Intel Soldiers!!!”

Intellihub – As of the evening of Wednesday May 19, 2010 at dusk; an on duty undisclosed military source was in a meeting in or around 32nd street  Naval Base in San Diego, CA. They heard rumbling of big ships and went to see what was going on. Navy vessels were spotted unloading many UN and Russian troops. They disembarked the vessels as it was still light out in plain sight. Mostly Russian troops. We will be providing coverage as we get it. Here is another related link

Another thing to think about is this; The troops would be WAY to obvious at 32st base. Could be near Imperial Beach or southeast Alpine.

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