Bob Lazar reveals secrets of “beyond cutting edge” technology housed at Nevada test facility, 9 “unworldly” craft

Alleged S4 worker tells all about his involvement with the reverse engineering of Alien technology at the government’s secret Area 51 S4 facility on a new episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

(INTELLIHUB) — Bob Lazar appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast Thursday where he spoke about his alleged employment at the U.S. government’s ultra-secret underground S4 facility which the former scientist says is located deep inside a mountain somewhere in the Nevada desert where he claims he and others involved in the project were attempting to reverse engineer “beyond cutting edge” alien technology.

A rather nervous Lazar told Rogan the base had hanger bay doors embedded into the mountainside that could open up where he personally saw nine different “unworldly” advanced aerial craft being stored and routinely tested by compartmentalized facility workers.

Shockingly, Lazar said that at least one of the craft housed at the facility had been discovered “during an archeological dig” which raises questions of its age. Another was stored upright on its side and appeared to have been struck by a projectile and taken damage, Lazar explained.

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Lazar maintains that he personally witnessed the power source for one of the crafts and said that it produced its own magnetic field and ran at 100% efficiency which is something scientists here on earth simply have not yet been able to duplicate.

Additionally, Lazar said at least one scientist had lost their life prior to his employment at the facility when the scientist attempted to breach one of the alien reactors using a plasma torch during an experiment which ultimately went wrong.

You can watch the full interview in the above video.

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