Bob Woodward: ‘Trump’s rallies are designed to raise the boiling point’

WaPo assistant editor says President Trump is trying to incite "rage" and "anger" by calling out the fake news media for their lies.


Journalist and Assistant Editor at Washington Post Bob Woodward explained to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday that when Trump casts “blame on the news media” at one of his rallies it really gets the “environment riled up.”

“He’s embracing rage,” Woodward said. “Rage is fury — uncontrollable anger.”

Woodward’s comments come on the heels of an interview he conducted with the president in which the commander-in-chief admitted he brings out “rage” in people, presumably his enemies.

“I bring rage out… I do bring rage out and I always have,” Trump could be heard on a cutup tape saying. “I’m not saying that’s an asset or a liability.”

Woodward maintains that President Trump’s rallies “are all designed to raise the boiling point to raise the temperature” in the political realm and admits that Trump possesses “more power than any president” in a long time but is “doing things to distract us from all the policies he is gambling on.”