Body Scanner Controversy Making Bang Within the Corporate Media

TSA Tyranny reaches the corporate media.

The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas
Nov 15, 2010

The body scanner controversy has become louder than ever before. Not only have we seen alternative news sites like, BlacklistedNews and covering this important topic, we are now seeing the mainstream media report on the fact that people are unhappy with the radiation emitting scanners.

This morning Fox News reported the fact that travelers were unhappy with being groped by TSA agents. In fact, one man was quoted as saying,

“If you touch my junk I will have you arrested”

Predictably, Janet Napolitano (DHS) is pushing the outdated claim that taking naked pictures of you and your family is for your own safety.

USA Today

Napolitano asks fliers for ‘patience’ on body scanners

The nation’s Homeland Security chief asked for air travelers’ “cooperation” and “patience” with full-body scanning and pat downs this holiday season amid a growing public backlash that the airport tactics are intrusive.

“Each and every one of the security measures we implement serves an important goal,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano writes in a column for today’s USA TODAY, which asks the public to be a partner in defending against terrorism.

There has also been reports of pilot unions refusing scanners due to the fear of the harm caused by radiation. Other large groups are also planning boycotting the scanners.

Just over two years ago, TSA officials searched a 3 year old girl as if she was part of a terror cell. Officials within the TSA have literally been taught that the Constitution is irrelevant and to be on alert for terrorists, including 3 year old girls.


Will the Dept. of Homeland Security drop the hammer on the unhappy U.S. population and go against the people’s wishes? Will we see some sort of fake terror attack to push these clearly unpopular naked body scanners?

We are living on the brink of total tyranny, engulfed in fascism by controlling tyrants that rule from behind the veil. We must speak now and speak loud for our voices to be heard.

Here is a report on screening pilots: CNN – Body Scanners