(INTELLIHUB) — Former Speaker of the House John Boehner appeared on stage Wednesday, with Dir. and Prof. David M. Kennedy, for the Stanford Speakers Bureau, to talk a little bit about what’s currently going on with the Democratic Party.

Once on stage, Boehner dropped the following bombshell:

“Don’t be shocked […] if two weeks before the convention, here comes Joe Biden parachuting in and Barack Obama fanning the flames to make it all happen.”

Although, Boehner pointed out that such action would likely only come if Hillary slides down that slippery slope with the FBI over her Servergate scandal, but nevertheless he said it.

Additionally Boehner touched on his retirement and told the crowd that he doesn’t regret a thing.

Boehner also said that Ronald Regan was one of his favorite politicians of all time.

John Boehner talks election, time in office — Stanford Daily

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