Bomb explosion kills 7: Scrapyard workers cut into 500lb WWII era bomb using gas-powered thermal torch

By Staff Writer

BANGKOK (INTELLIHUB) — Parts of the city were bombed heavily during the second World War as it was occupied by the Japanese. Now, decades later, some of those bombs still remain a threat to residents of the city. Recently a scrapyard and its employees were the latest victims.

Sadly, in its worst purchase ever, a local scrap-metal yard purchased a 500 pound World War II era bomb from an individual, in hopes to turn a profit.

However, unfortunately, the workers attempted to scrap the massive vintage bomb with a gas-powered thermal torch. Needless to say, shortly after, the bomb detonated killing 5 instantly.

Body parts were said to have been found as far as “200 meters” from the blast.

Two others died from their wounds later at the hospital, 19 others were reported to have been wounded from the blast.

The bomb was originally found at a construction site in the city before being sold to the scrap-metal yard.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)