Bomb Sniffing Plants Financed By DHS


The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas
Feb. 14, 2011

As if cameras on every street corner were not enough, researchers at Colorado State University have found a way to make certain plants turn white when an explosive element is nearby.

What’s next, criminal sniffing plants and pre-crime thought criminals?

This is straight out of a bad sci-fi film set in the distant future yet one we now find ourselves in.

A FOX news article highlighted these so called “Bomb Sniffing Plants.”

Bomb-Sniffing Plants Fight Terrorism

“The latest in airport security isn’t a fancy new scanner from the TSA, it’s a special plant that can sniff out would-be terrorists.

Researchers at Colorado State University have manipulated the plants so that they turn white when it detects even trace amounts of TNT in the air. The technology, published in the peer-reviewed online science journal PloS One and financed by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, could find its way into airports in just a few years.

“The idea to make detector plants comes directly from nature,” said Professor June Medford, the lead scientist on the team. “Plants can’t run or hide from threats, so they’ve developed sophisticated systems to detect and respond to their environment.”

This project was financed by the Department of Defense and DHS and will be available for use in airports within a few years. One has to note the creeping nature of tyranny, especially when it stares you straight in the face.

Obviously we need to catch explosives that are entering our nations airports but the idea that they are so prevalent that we need to develop genetically engineered plants to stop this is absurd.

All evidence indicates that this is simply another step in the installation of a total police state with fear as the driving force behind the takeover.

What will be the final straw?

Will there be a final straw?

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