Book Review: Alchemy of the Timeless Resistance


Today, I finished reading my copy of Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance, the 65 chapter book recently published by Intellihub contributor, John G. Vibes. In fact, as far as I am concerned, this book is an instant classic and is among some of my favorite releases from independent researchers.

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — When I got the book in the mail, I scrolled through the table of contents and noticed a number of topics that I was already familiar with and somewhat well versed in. Not only was the information correct, sourced, and verifiable, but much to my surprise I actually learned some interesting facts that I had not yet known on some of my favorite subjects.

Another unique thing about this book is that it offered quotes from contemporary artists and musicians, to show that the many secrets of our society have been hidden in some of our favorite works of art all along.

Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance begins with a breakdown of where society is, what its many problems are and what activists and freedom fighters should be hoping to achieve in their struggle.

After the introduction, the many legends of the world are analyzed and broken down in such a way shows how the common people of the world essentially believe in the same general ideals, but the specifics of their teachings have been corrupted by power-hungry rulers who seek to divide humankind. As soon as I got that deep into the reading I began to realize that chapter after chapter was filled with empowering solutions in addition to the deep historical research.

The historical research was my favorite thing about this book. From the Pharoes of Egypt, to the aristocracy of middle ages, all the way through to the current New World Order, Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance gives an easy to digest narrative which gives the untold story of humanity’s age-old fight for freedom.

For a better idea of what to expect, check out the synopsis and table of contents below:

“Throughout history there have been many groups that have worked to create a positive shift in consciousness, in hopes of bringing about a more peaceful world. Many times these revolutionaries disguised their message in various forms of art and culture so they could still reach the people without being condemned by the state. During the times of ancient Greece they were called “Philosophers”, and then towards the end of the middle ages and into the renaissance they were called the “Alchemists”, while today they go by many names. Similar to the times of the alchemists of the middle ages, humanity is living in a dark age that needs a rebirth in order to correct itself. History is a cycle of dark ages and golden ages, separated by times of rapid intellectual and spiritual growth which is sometimes called a renaissance. Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance is a counter-culture textbook which features insight into philosophy, culture, finance, spirituality, politics, drugs and the many important issues of our time. This book features some of the earliest original writings of author John G. Vibes, and combines deep historical research with comments from some of your favorite artists and musicians. John G. Vibes is an activist and artist who has been studying occult history, theology, and government for most of his life. Since 2007 he has been hosting live music events and working as a journalist in the alternative media. In recent years he has become one of the organizers for the Free Your Mind Conference and has hosted a number of live seminars.”

The table of contents reads as follows:


1. Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance
2. Disclaimer
3. Alchemy
4. Ethics and the Basic Philosophical Principles of Peace and Freedom
5. Human Struggle for Freedom


6. Mythological Origins of Modern Religion
7. Your Prophets Were Shaman Revolutionaries?
8. Jesus the Peaceful Revolutionary
9. The Birth of Islam and the Arabian Empire
10. Holy Wars
11. Living the Dream Awake
12. Synchronicity


13. An Error in Communication
14. Peer Pressure in a Divided Culture
15. Inhuman Nature?
16. The Illusion of Race
17. Who are You Callin’ crazy?
18. Future Physics
19. Positive Vibrations


20. The Psychedelic Inquisition
21. Why Shamanism?
22. Meditation
23. Responsible Shamanism in the 21st Century
24. Marketing Illness and Addiction
25. Fundamentals of Firewater
26. Marijuana: Miracle not Menace

The Past

27. Occult History and Nationalistic Folklore
28. Powerful people commit crimes and lie to you about it….This is no theory
29. The Banking Backstory of Friday The 13th
30. America Was Not Discovered, It Was Stolen
31. The Nazi Agenda Reborn
32. Darwinism, Eugenics, and the Silent Genocide

Social Engineering & Psychological Warfare

33. 5 Vital Strategies for Peacefully Underthrowing the Status Quo
34. Education as Indoctrination
35. Social Engineering and the Scientific Dictatorship
36. Propaganda, Public Relations, and Psychological Warfare
37. Advertising and the Subliminal Culture
38. Mainstream Media is Mass Mind Control
39. Television Programming is Programming Your Mind
40. Bread and Circuses in Hollywood
41. Parental Propaganda
42. Inner Child


43. Feudalism: From the Dark Ages to the New World
44. Who’s the Man
45. Fabian Socialism and the New World Order
46. Controlled Conflict in the Middle East
47. The Birth of the Corporate Beast in America
48. The Sweatshop Economy
49. Third World By Design
50. Royal Landlords
51. Cursed Dinosaur Blood
52. The Broken Window Fallacy


53. Newspeak: A Language of Deception
54. Right? Left? WRONG!
55. Beyond the Good Guy and the Bad Guy
56. This is What Bureaucracy Looks Like!!
57. Fascism…For your safety
58. The Prison Industrial Complex
59. Dare to Resist the War on Drugs
60. 8 Reasons to End Prohibition of All Drugs Immediately
61. Tricks of the Trade

The Future

62. The Culture Battle Between Art and Propaganda
63. Kindness and Cooperation
64. We Are Winning
65. About the Author: J.G Vibes

Purchase your copy of Alchemy of the Timeless Resistance today!


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