BP Oil Spill Over; Or Is It?

The long hard road to recovery still ahead

The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas

Today BP announced that the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is now “effectively dead,” ignoring the massive oil gushing fissures in the seabed that have been outlined by many top experts.  Over the last 5 months, the BP well has shot an estimated 206 million gallons of oil  into the gulf. This coupled with the use of  a tremendous amount of chemical dispersant, has turned the once semi-pristine waters into a toxic chemical emulsification of death. Marine life , wildlife, and human life alike have been threatened and even desecrated by the non stop lacing of the environment with known chemical toxins.

It well documented that humans in and around the gulf coast region have been heavily affected by these deadly toxins. From VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the blood stream to lesions on the skin Project Gulf Impact and The Intellihub have been extensively covering this incident from the beginning, documenting what is really taking place right in our own backyard.

The media has been on blackout status from the beginning. Even mainstream network anchors such as Anderson Cooper from the CNN newscast “Anderson Cooper’s 360” have documented how private security firms, working in tandem with the government, suppressed and even threatened reporters who were covering the spill. Reporters were often confronted early on when trying to interview BP oil spill clean up workers. As time went on more and more patterns emerged. One night on an Intellihub Radio broadcast, Shepard took a caller from a local reporter in Louisiana. The caller (reporter) explained how he attended a staged press shoot on a one acre section of beachfront. What he went on to say was hair-raising to say the least.

“They wouldn’t let anyone through the roadblock and said that the press is coming in thirty minutes… that’s when I knew this was a staged event” said the reporter.

“They took us onto a one acre section of beach with oil spilled on it… however to either side there were barricades and the beaches out side of the barricades were perfectly clean… the Coast Guard and military were present… they kept everyone huddled in a tight group… if I were to go beyond the barricade I would have been arrested… the military and Coast Guard were acting funny.” he told Shepard the host of the Intellihub Radio Show.

One thing is for sure, there are many problems and effects that remain to be seen in the future. By no means does today’s announcement by BP mean we are out of the woods. These toxins and VOC’s are accumulative in the human body. Right now, as we speak, these substances are entering the weather system, the air, the water supply, crops, and your body with no end in sight!

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The fishing industry is in shambles, we have seen massive fish kills as gulf seafood has been poisoned from the use of chemical dispersant. Even though the president staged an announcement that the seafood in the gulf is safe to eat, many are simply not buying it. A ripple effect around the region has been noticed, and the economy has suffered.


Meanwhile as they distract the general public from what is really taking place, two other oil spills in America went virtually unnoticed. On September 9, 2010 a oil pipeline near Chicago broke spewing over 250,000 gallons of toxic goo. When you couple this together with the Kalamazoo spill that recently took place near Marshall Michigan and spilled over one million gallons of oil it seems almost scripted. What are the chances that all of these companies are BP or subsidiaries of BP?

We have also seen multiple signs of the manipulation of gas prices in some areas. The most recent took place in Illinois after the 250,000 gallon spill. Is this another sign of what is yet to come? According to Lindsay Williams, a Texas pastor and former big oil company insider, we will be looking at $8 per gallon gas in the coming months.

Some of this activity could be considered suspicious, especially the fact that DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) has hired an Israeli based company to spy on gas company drilling protesters. Are they scared of eco-terrorism, or are they the eco-terrorists? In the past few months we have also seen multiple cases of unusual call and put option trading revolving around the oil and communication industry, a revelation that has lead some to speculate that some sort of inside trading is taking place.