Breaking the resource control monopoly

Author and researcher John Vibes at the Free Your Mind Conference 2013

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — The Free Your Mind Conference is a bi-annual gathering of researchers, activists and free thinkers who are searching for solutions to some of the worlds most difficult problems.

This past year in 2013, one of our contributing writers, John Vibes, was a speaker and organizer for the event.

His presentation was the first of the morning on the second day of the conference and was called “Breaking the Resource Control Monopoly”.  In this presentation he talked about the various restrictions that have been established by governments and corporations which control necessary resources throughout the course of many generations.

Some of the topics discussed in this presentation are: central banking, intellectual property, homesteading and land ownership, 3d printing and free energy.

**Special thanks to Chris Vellrath for the recording and video editing

According to a post of the Free Your Mind website, the conference will be back for the third time in 2015.  The post reads:

Thanks to everyone who made Free Your Mind 2 an event to be remembered forever!  To those who are inquiring as to when the videos of this great event will be available: We are working on it, so please be patient.  All videos will eventually be released freely to the public on this site, as well as on YouTube.

Also, to those who are wondering, there will not be a Free Your Mind event in 2014. They are working on the logistics of having another conference in 2015, but nothing is confirmed or set in stone yet.  Watch this web site for announcements about future conferences.

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