Bruce Paddock, brother of the Las Vegas shooter, says he was raised believing his father was dead

Once Bruce and Eric found out their father was alive and well they took a trip to Oregon to visit their father before realizing he was no role model

(INTELLIHUB) — Accused Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s brother Bruce told Hidden Truth’s Jim Breslo in an obscure private interview that he and his brothers were raised believing that their father was dead until all four siblings were one day confronted later in life by their mother Dolores Irene Hudson who told then told them that their father was alive and well and was living in Oregon at the time.

Bruce Paddock told Breslo that he and his four estranged brother were all summoned to a meeting by their mother on day 37-years ago where they were told their father was once an outlaw.

Bruce said that he and his brother Eric once drove up to Oregon to meet their father but were not very impressed by his thuggish presence.

Listen to the entire interview with Bruce Paddock here.

Featured Image: GothEric/Flickr
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