Brutality: One man’s account with the Dallas Police in Walmart


Man gets roughed-up for trying to leave store with items he already paid for

By Lexi Morgan

DALLAS, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Have you ever been asked for your receipt by security, the police, or a doorman, while exiting Walmart after you just purchased your items and waited countless minutes in a stinky line?

Well for the record I have a number of times. In fact it always seems to happen on the days that I am in a rush. The doorman wants to look over my receipt to make sure I purchased all of the items that are already in bags, inside my cart, that were just put there by the checker in the line that I just exited.

It’s amazing that these doormen exist. Perhaps their real intention is just to make people like you and I feel like slave. To give us the perception that Big Brother is always watching over us.

However even more shocking is the fact that local police are now put inside these Walmart’s to invade our privacy just as one local man found out after being brutalized by a Dallas Police officer, according to the man’s own account which he posted on YouTube.

The man wrote [minor edits made by Intellihub]:

This is the video tape of the type of brutality Dallas Police are allowed to get away with because they work for Walmart.

Police brutality is more than the rough treatment I received. It is also the fact that I was telling the officer that I had my receipt for the things he was charging me with stealing in my pocket.

It is also the fact that the entire time my hands are handcuffed nor did I ever approach the officer.

However, what got the officer’s case dismissed is when he claimed he had to choked me because I tried to escape, but did not charge me with “attempted escape” but rather “disturbing the peace” for loudly protesting my innocence.

Everything gets started simply because I tried to leave the store after paying for the items I purchased.

As you can see in the video, I did nothing to deserve being assaulted. Later, the charge was dismissed by the judge.

Video Source: Preacher Fo Real/YouTube

About the Author:

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