The Bundy Ranch standoff video that the media doesn’t want you to see

New footage emerges from the final showdown between police and armed protesters on horseback in Nevada

By Staff Writer

NEVADA (INTELLIHUB) — **Note: The YouTube URL for this video is getting censored by Facebook.

Media coverage of the Bundy Ranch standoff was sparse.  Many mainstream media sources even refused to show any of the footage of police brutality that was taken in the first days of the standoff.

When the feds backed down over the weekend, few details were put forward by the BLM or the federal government.

In an official statement, the feds said that they were afraid for the safety of their workers, but the nature of the standoff was not known until recently.


The final showdown between federal police and Bundy supporters was captured on video and recently released.  The video shows that the final moments of the standoff were more intense than the mainstream media was willing to admit.

In the video, hundreds of people can be seen in opposition to the line of federal agents that were amassed on the perimeter of the property.  Members of the Bundy family can be seen negotiating with a federal agent.

After a brief discussion Ammon Bundy can be heard saying, “Get off our land, leave right now, that is our agreement, for you to leave.” 

After a few short words the police officer turned away, and allowed the cattle that were stolen to graze back onto the Bundy Ranch.

The powerful video can be seen below:

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  • Farmgal Val

    I love this video but I do worry, the Feds do not like taking their boots off the back of the people’s necks in the least.
    I am sure they will make some other plans to destroy this ranch and rancher.
    What ever their reason for trying to hurt this rancher and or his income must have something to do with Agenda 21, land fracking for oil, or China behind it somehow.
    I really doubt this is about turtles that have been using the land with the roaming cows for decades without either becoming extinct.
    I hope this rancher and his nearest neighbors keep a diligent eye out.
    I would not put it past the Feds to sicken or poison the cattle or do something suspicious to the rancher himself.
    I already bet they will get an audit from hell from the Feds brother, the IRS.

  • useless eater

    I figure the biggest reason the cops backed down is coz alotta those guys were open carrying.

  • David

    Look how the Nazis retreated like a bunch of scared damn cowards

  • Ollie Smith

    It is AGENDA 21. You are correct.

  • KungFuSV

    Better that *they* retreat than the USA citizens!

  • Christopher T. Farrell
  • Troy votes whig

    the reason is someone is planning on a solar farm that is o0n that land.

  • copykon

    Harry Reid (D) first calls U.S Citizens “Domestic Terrorists” and then calls Illegal Aliens “Immigrants” and “Dreamers”….what’s wrong with this picture.