Busted: Police turn off dashcam to brutalize arrestee

Police caught red-handed disabling camera to taser victim, kick him

By Lexi Morgan

ST. LOUIS (INTELLIHUB) — On the night of April 10, 2014 police drug a “young man”, Cortez Bufford, out of his car during an arrest just before turning the dashcam off to conceal what would happen next as a group of cops brutally mistreated him.

“Everybody hold-up, we’re red [slang for camera rolling] right now. So if you guys are worried about cameras just wait.”, said a female voice over the loudspeaker, warning follow officers not to do anything nasty until the camera is shut off.

“Excessive force” was cited by the victim as he was shot two times by a stun gun, kicked, and mistreated off camera.

While police argue that excessive force wasn’t used, Bufford is suing the department.

“Turning off the camera says number one is that she knew what she was doing”, said Bufford’s attorney.

The officer who turned off the dashcam has been disciplined by the department and all charges were dropped against Bufford despite the fact that marijuana was found on his persons.

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