BUSTED! Protesters uncover false-flag set up, pile of bricks strategically placed on street near high-end Dallas shops

It seems the powers-that-be have stuped to a new low in an effort to undermine America

DALLAS, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Several Black Lives Matter supporters uncovered what can only be described as a false-flag setup placed ever so strategically on the street outside high-end shops in the downtown area on Friday night which appears to have been intended to create more chaos on the streets of America.

“This right here–this is a setup,” one young man explained on camera. “Y’all know where we at–y’all know what building this is.”

“They put them [a pile of bricks] there on purpose,” another protester who was standing in the backdrop said. “Where do them bricks go to?”


“This is a setup–we got to do better–we got to do better,” said the young man.

Due to the fact that there is no construction in the area and none of the surrounding area built with bricks of that type, the duo of masked sleuths seems to be right. This can only mean one thing–the package of bricks was placed.


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