trump must go

Soros-backed group pays protestors to ‘fight against Trump’

Intellihub | Attractive paycheck looks good to college students

#DisruptJ20 radical leftists’ intent is very clear

Intellihub | Leaked video set off a subsequent Twitter maelstrom in which the #DisruptJ20 group desperately tries to cover up its leaked terrorism plans
mouth of trump

On a rampage, Trump calls CNN and BuzzFeed “fake news”

Intellihub | Trump declares war with MSM over their "fake news"
day hacker

Grudge against Drudge: Who exactly is trying to take down the conservative news site?

Intellihub | Why has the Drudge report continually been targeted over past weeks?
michael moore red hat

Michael Moore announces ‘100 days of resistance’ against Trump Presidency

Intellihub | Moore to attend Woman's March in protest of Trump
assange eye

Wikileaks threatens defamation suit against CNN, after ex-C.I.A. Deputy Director called Assange a ‘pedophile’...

Intellihub | It looks as if Wikileaks may be coming into some free money in their near future after a botched CNN segment suggests Assange is a 'pedophile'

Obama gets a taste of his own medicine

Intellihub | Russians go tit-for-tat
air force one

Obama incites second Cold War with Russia, acts on unproven allegations

Intellihub | Obama Admin propaganda machine now running full bore

CNN whines over Trump no-show at press conferences

Intellihub | The Establishment media is freaking out
internet cable

Julian Assange confirms Internet restored at Ecuadorian Embassy

Intellihub | Assange alive and well, back in action
edward snowden

Edward Snowden: Solution to ‘fake news’ not censorship but critical thinking

Intellihub | Twitter CEO holds livestream with Snowden to talk about censorship of 'fake news'
clinton williams

Bill Clinton’s alleged secret black son moves forward with paternity suit

Intellihub | Ex-president Bill Clinton may be a daddy
Market, Berlin

Who was really behind the deadly ‘truck crash’ in Berlin?

Intellihub | An analysis of the deadly truck crash in Berlin
trump wave

Trump WINS Electoral College vote amid protests by liberals

Intellihub | Liberals are furious their new president is not going to be Hillary Clinton
Aleppo, Syria

‘USA you’ll pay!’ Radical U.K. Muslims threaten America over Syria intervention

Intellihub | Out of control Muslims call for punishment of U.S.

Jihadi John II debuts: British Islamist beheads terrified hostage in shocking new ISIS video

Intellihub | Savage British Islamist purportedly beheads hostage in new propaganda video
heiko mass

Germany leads forward charge in witch-hunt against dissenting opinions on Facebook

Intellihub | 'Offenders may spend up to five years in jail'

Fed up Kremlin issues stern warning U.S.: Prove it or shut up

Intellihub | Allegations of Russian hacking come to a head

Schwarzenegger: ‘Stop whining’ about Trump

Intellihub | Liberals just can't stop whining
michael moore

Michael Moore: Trump ‘is gonna get us killed’

Intellihub | Michael Moore makes another uncanny prediction
dark hacker

Why liberals can’t handle the truth about Russia hacking the election

Intellihub | Liberals can't handle the truth
Julian Assange

No, Julian Assange is NOT dead!

Intellihub | Hacker friend confirms Assange is alive and well
trump wins

Michael Moore reveals plans for major protest at Trump’s Inaugration

Intellihub | Last Wednesday, Moore called for protestors to disrupt Mr. Trump’s inauguration on his Twitter account
IS news agency Amaq, John Cantlie

British hostage John Cantlie in new Islamic State propaganda video

Caleb Report | Cantlie was originally kidnapped alongside American journalist James Foley – who was savagely beheaded in 2014
smartphone, cell phone

Inside Gab: The people first, pro-free speech social network

Intellihub | Looking for a social media platform where you will not be censored for exercising your right to free speech? Look no further, because it's arrived!

Wikileaks appears to have just released unencrypted “insurance” file

Intellihub | Whilst it’s unclear if this was done on purpose or simply by mistake
julian assange

WIKILEAKS: Mainstream media spreading misinformation on Assange

Caleb Report | At this point in time, it is unknown what will become of Assange