California officials prepare for nuclear strike deriving from North Korea

Bulletin warns: “Continuity of Government/operations (COG/COOP) plans will be activated.”

(INTELLIHUB) — On Aug. 16 the Joint Regional Intelligence Center released an unclassified 16-page bulletin to officials in the State of California titled “Nuclear Attack Response Considerations” which details key points to review “radiation protection basics” regarding “nuclear explosions.”

The bulletin goes on to warn that a nuclear attack in the region ‘would lead to devastating casualties critical infrastructure damage and extended elevated radiation levels’ and points out that the electromagnetic pulse triggered by such an explosion would take out communications infrastructure which would hinder response time.

“There will be no significant federal assistance at the scene for 24–72 hours following the attack. The full extent of federal resources will not be available for several days,” it warns. “Immediate shelter, followed by evacuation, will be required for the general public. With limited understanding of radiation risks, they will experience high anxiety and may be non-compliant.”

A nuclear attack in the Southern California would be catastrophic” it says, also pointing out that first responders are sworn to their duty and “are expected to remain operational to preserve human life, maintain order, and aid in the recovery process.”

“Continuity of Government/operations (COG/COOP) plans will be activated.”

Los Angeles, California (Ron Reiring/Flickr)
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