(INTELLIHUB) — California Systems Independent Operator (CASIO) warned residents and businesses Tuesday that rolling brownouts and loss of power may occur if the grid becomes overloaded.

According to estimates California’s power generating capacity will be drastically exceeded by approximately 5,000 megawatts on Tuesday as the recent heat wave continues to strain customers air conditioners statewide.

The excessively high demand factor has placed a burden on the grid altogether which could result in added failures.

CASIO told customers “to conserve electricity, especially during the late afternoon and evening when air conditioners typically are at peak use” in an effort to keep the grid intact throughout the surge.

Temperatures in Palm Springs reached a scorching 122°F on Tuesday and hot temperatures are expected on Wednesday statewide.

CASIO said that customers “can help avoid power interruptions by turning off all unnecessary lights, using major appliances before 5 p.m. and after 9 p.m., and setting air conditioners to 78 degrees or higher.”

Officials warn that humans and pets need to remain indoors if at all possible as the heatwave continues.