California: You can touch my ‘sushi’, but only if you use a ‘glove’

Sushi lovers and chefs alike are speaking out, saying the glove will give no love for the final product and texture of the perfect sushi roll, after an update of the code mandates a new procedure when handling raw food

By Shepard Ambellas

CALIFORNIA (INTELLIHUB) — In another effort to fully control the population, a code has been updated, taking effect this month, giving restaurants and food vendors 6 months to comply.

In essence, food handlers will not be able to prepare raw foods, such as sushi, with their bare hands as it has been for hundreds of years–instead gloves must be worn.

Sushi chefs have already commented on the matter, saying that it will limit ones control during preparation and also botch the final product.

CBS13 reported:

Ken Uechi has been making sushi for 8 years and considers himself an artist. But he says a new law is adding an unwanted layer to his work.

He now has to wear gloves. A change in California’s food safety code forbids him and other sushi chefs from using their bare hands.

“It’s about putting life into a piece of sushi, we want to be able feel the rice, control the texture, but with gloves, it’s kinda hard to,” said Uechi.

The new code may also cause controversy with bartenders who may have to handle fruit as well.

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