Calling All Activists, Lovers of Life and Freedom

Staff Writer | November 25, 2013 | 1:36pm EDT

If you didn’t know already there is a sinister agenda afoot that’s literally threatening all life on the planet. It’s no joke, it’s very real — and the information needs to get out.

Chemtrails near Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Chemtrails near Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


(INTELLIHUB) –It’s called geoengineering and it’s not limited to just chemtrails, our oceans are at stake as well. They are terraforming the planet and it’s not good for life on the planet. In fact, one byproduct alone is “solar dimming”, explains Murphy. This not only gives us vitamin “D deficiency”, but also affects solar array output worldwide. All life is at stake and may eventually dwindle from what may be a concerted effort by a select group of oppressors.

In what can only be described as a diabolic agenda, elite members of a secret cabal seek to control all aspects of your life. They want to control everything you do. They want to control what you eat, what you drink, what you watch on T.V., what you are taught in school and yes, they also wish to control the weather — and they are actually doing it. 

They seek “Godlike power”, says chemtrail researcher and activist Michael Murphy in the critically acclaimed documentary SHADE the Motion Picture which released last month on many platforms including, Vimeo and DVD

The newly released film has been a major success since its release and has provided and delivered an incredible backdrop of information in a manner the masses can understand, making SHADE the Motion Picture the perfect tool for activists. For the first time the overall picture can be delivered to those who are unawake and unaware of what is actually taking place. The film even documents secret government testing which has taken place in large American cities, spraying toxic and deadly chemicals onto the population in the name of research.

“Since the films release, thousands of comments and hundreds of emails have addressed the importance of such information”, said Shepard Ambellas the executive producer of SHADE the Motion Picture in a recent interview.

According to Webster Tarpley, who also appears in the film, “the oligarchs hate technology”. They don’t like the masses turning the cameras on them. They don’t like independent journalists as Michael Hastings and Breitbart found out. They like nothing that contradicts their anti-logical thinking.

A Call To Action:

SHADE the Motion Picture -  DVD Deluxe DIGI-PACK (Unbound Productions LLC)
SHADE the Motion Picture – DVD Deluxe DIGI-PACK (Unbound Productions LLC)

Now that you understand the importance of this powerful new documentary film and how it may be used as a tool to awaken the sleeping zombies, i.e. your friends, family and coworkers — you must now spread this information to all four corners of the earth in hopes of countering the globalists propaganda which is constantly spewed onto the masses. 

We are requesting that everyone purchase the film in bulk at a discount and pass-out the film and or hold screenings of the film as time is running out. These geoengineering applications and programs continue as we speak worldwide.

Get you Activist 10-Pack of SHADE the Motion Picture DVDs Now! Only $14.99 per DVD in bulk.

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[1] SHADE the Motion Picture – Official Website


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