Calls to shut down social media “extremism” intensify

Government claims terrorists luring school girls with kittens and Nutella

By Kurt Nimmo | Infowars

Obama is calling for a concerted effort to shut down the Islamic State’s “sophisticated and slickly produced propaganda,” CBS New York reports.

CBS claims the IS “propaganda machine produces as many as 90,000 posts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms every single day.”

“The high-quality videos, the online magazines, the use of social media, terrorist Twitter accounts — it’s all designed to target today’s young people online,” Obama said.

As reported earlier this week, Congress and the White House are leaning on Twitter to censor Islamic State posts on its network.

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, the chair of a House foreign affairs subcommittee on terrorism, has singled out Twitter for allowing supposed IS operatives to recruit and propagandize on the social media platform.

“This is the way (the Islamic State) is recruiting — they are getting people to leave their homelands and become fighters,” Poe said.

Obama’s latest comments coincide with efforts by British police to find three school girls who were allegedly recruited by the terrorist army.

CBS News reported on Friday the British school girls were lured by “slick, well-produced and effective” IS propaganda.

“Becoming wives of fighters seems to be a common thing; to take part in ISIL activities in that way, by marrying and producing children, jihadist children, or becoming part of the fight themselves,” said Steven Pomerantz, a former chief of counterterrorism at the FBI.

Remarkably, and unbelievably, the corporate media insists ISIS has convinced girls to join the jihadi fight by using online images of jars of Nutella, kittens and emojis.

Telltale Signs IS Propaganda is Psyop

In September Bernie Suarez, writing for Activist Post, analyzed the “scripted oddities” of Islamic State propaganda.

Suarez noted the professional camera, editing and software skills of IS and its internet sophistication and video uploading capabilities despite supposedly being targeted by the largest and most advanced military and intelligence organizations in the world.

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