Canadian Cannabis Activist Wins $25 Million Then Gives to Charity and Legalization Efforts


By JG Vibes
November 13, 2012

In B.C. Canada a cannabis activist named Bob Erb won $25 million in the lottery and has decided to split a good portion of his money between charity and efforts to legalize cannabis.

The charities include homeless shelters and other community organizations, and although he has not specifically discussed what he will put his money towards in terms of legalization, he has confirmed that he will invest in that cause as well.

According to

“It was three times lucky this week for B.C. pot advocates.  First Washington and Colorado voters decided the time had come to legalize marijuana.

That surprising development spurred a flurry of news coverage and momentum for, a campaign organization dedicated to putting marijuana decriminalization to a referendum here in B.C.

And third time luckiest was Terrace pot advocate Bob Erb, who won a cool $25 million in the Nov. 2 draw to end a phenomenal week for marijuana enthusiasts.

Erb, a 60-year-old former candidate for the B.C. Marijuana Party, hit a financial high point when he checked his winning LOTTO MAX ticket.”

When asked to comment on his experience Erb told reporters that “I turned around and around and said to myself, ‘It can’t be $25,000 — there are too many zeros.

I put it in again to see if something will go wrong and, holy, it said $25 million!”

He also spoke of his plans to donate to charity, saying that ““I’ll be looking at community groups and that, dealing with people on fixed income and the homeless, food banks, soup kitchens.”

Erb has also said that he intends to keep his job as a construction worker despite his recent winnings.


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