Canadian regulated companies try to overcharge for pot: cannabis patients strike back


Hundreds rally outside courthouse in support for medical cannabis and right to grow

By Lexi Morgan

VANCOUVER, Canada (INTELLIHUB) — Medical marijuana patients along with the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal took a stand against the federal government outside the courthouse Monday by showing “support for an important court case that happening inside this building, which is to determine whether or not if medicinal cannabis patients will continue to have the right to grow their own cannabis or whether they will be forced to destroy their home garden and only buy their medicine from these government companies”, according to Dana Larsen who attended the protest.

“Government regulated companies […] are charging far more than street prices for their cannabis.”, Larsen said during an interview with Dan Dicks, PFT.

“It’s about three years worth of wage in order to buy ones year’s worth of medicine from the government”, Jenn Bennett another attendee of the rally said.

PFT’s Dan Dicks pointed out how it’s all about “Marijuana Inc. swooping in, snuffing out the mom and pop shops”.

Another man jumped in an said, the government’s price is “one-hundred to one-thousand times” more than it “should” be, backing up others claims of proverbial highway robbery.

The government is currently under a “restraining order” a “federal injunction, stopping them from removing gardens. Jason Wilcox, a rally supporter said.

“I highly believe we are going to win. […] it could be another 3 years., said Wilcox. It’s about “justice and liberty”.

Another supporter piped up saying, “It’s safe to grow. We are not a hazard to the community. We are not a hazard to the dwellings we live in.”

Most of the participants concerns focused on the cost aspect, or out-of-pocket expense, on the patient’s side as money is definitely an object nowadays.

Video Source: Press For Truth/YouTube

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