Cape Cod woman claims she saw large greyhound-like dogman leap two-lane road

'I saw something on four legs take like one giant leap across a two-lane road'


A Cape Cod woman by the name of Christine called into The Shepard Ambellas Show on Monday where she claims to have seen a large greyhound-looking cryptid jumping across a two-lane road while she was driving at night.

The caller told Ambellas that she was driving down a dark two-lane road back in October when a large creature somewhat resembling a greyhound dog bounded the road in one giant leap.

“I was doing deliveries at night and the area around here is very rural — not a lot of street lights at all so it’s very, very, dark,” she explained. “I was going through a neighborhood and, um, in front of me I had my high beams on — there is no other cars — there is no other lights but house lights pushed back on and I see something on four legs take like one giant leap across a two-lane road.”

The trained veterinarian assistant said she knows canines well and said that the creature looked like it was built to stand on two legs.

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The woman spotted the creature around the Joseph P. Kennedy House which is a prestigious neighborhood located near wetlands, a golf course, and Schoolhouse Pond.

Source: The Shepard Ambellas Show #84: Cryptids – Dogman, Bigfoot, Mothman Stories and Sightings

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