Cartel gunmen on jet skis open fire on popular Mexican tourist beach

Panicked tourists flee in fear as two cartel gunmen on jet skis open fire at a food vendor on a popular Mexican beach

MEXICO (INTELLIHUB) — Two cartel gunmen on jet skis unloaded a number of rounds that were directed at a food vendor on a popular tourist beach in Cancun last Thursday, according to reports out of the region.

Miraculously, the targeted food vendor and other beach goers managed to somehow dodge the waterborne attack and flee the beach without injury.

The two gunmen reportedly fled on jet skis and managed to evade arrest.

The attack happened near the Hotel Riu, a 4-star resort in the Quintana Roo sector which is currently under a level 2 U.S. State Department warning.

Ongoing cartel violence in Mexico’s tourist regions is becoming an increasing problem for authorities.

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