Revision: This article originally said Chicago, however the location is Boston.

BOSTON, Mass. (INTELLIHUB) — Boston Police and federal agents will use crisis actors to simulate a realistic scenario that depicts a terror attack at Fenway Park on Sunday, to serve as a training session encase the real deal were to really happen.

The ballpark, which is over 100-years-old, will be the proving grounds for the simulated “active shooter” drill, that law enforcement officials say has nothing to do with a current threat or any known future threat.

Additionally law enforcement officials have put out a casting call in an effort to attract actual Red Sox fans to participate.

A spokesman for the simulation said that “the Red Sox would be reaching out to the public over the course of the week to alert people to the simulation, using media announcements and directly notifying neighborhood associations and other groups of the explosions and activity they can expect on Sunday,” according to a local report.

“The last thing we would want is to alarm people in the neighborhood passing by, unaware of what was going on.”

It was also reported that an $85,000 federal grant will foot a majority of the bill.


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Image: Joe Bar/Flickr