CDC announces “emergency might require a sudden sleepover” of schoolkids

The government must be expecting some sort of disaster because CDC officials are preparing parents that they may become separated from their children

The Center for Disease Control issued a three-step preparedness card questionnaire that asks parents the unthinkable and insinuates what should be done when it comes to protecting “your child during emergencies in the school day.”

The CDC guidelines say it’s as “easy as ABC.”

“How would you be reunited with your child in an emergency?” the questionnaire asks parents.

“Bring extra medicines, special foods, or supplies your child would need if separated overnight,” it reads. “Complete a backpack card and tuck one in your child’s backpack and your wallet.”

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Additionally, it reads: “An emergency might require a sudden sleepover. Tell school administrators about any extra supplies your child may need to safely make it through a night away from home.”

H/T: @AmeriforceJ on Twitter